Monday, January 21, 2008

Local Green Energy Task Force Cited in NY Times

On Thursday, 17-Jan-2008, there was a local showing of the environmental movie "Everything's Cool." The event was picked up by the New York Times (click on the link to go to the article). I attended this event with my son, but we had to leave early, for it was a school night, and we missed the bulk of the discussion afterward. Information on the film is found at its website.

It was a good movie about the global warming movement. What was missing, I think, is what is missing a lot in these discussions, namely a discussion about our energy security.

The green energy movement is indeed growing in Westport. The Green Energy Task Force has recently published a report on the local greenhouse gas emissions, and it can be found here. Already, the town has installed solar panels on the Firehouse roof. There is a lot of work to do still, but, as the euphemism says, the train has left the station.


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Interesting to know.

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