Wednesday, October 11, 2006


After considerable thought, some hesitation, and a good deal of anxiety, we (my wife and I) decided to "go green." Exactly what this means, and why we have done it are the subject of this blog. The reasons for the change and the choices that have been made will be shown and discussed.

This blog is a bit of a "how-to" and an advocate for change from our present collective course. The existence of the blog is motivated by the amazing amount of interest that has surfaced regarding what we have done. I have found interest from neighbors I didn't even know we had.

The primary driver for me is the issue of energy security for my family and community, the nation, and the world in a political, economic, and natural environment that seems increasingly uncertain. The actions are an attempt, however feable, to act locally, and, thanks to the internet, to broadcast globally. It is hoped that our small actions will help encourage others to action and not just discussion and argumentation.

As a disclaimer from the very start, I must say that the choices we have made or will make are ones that are appropriate for us. They may not be right for everyone, and they may not even be enough if some of the doomsayers are right, but from the research I have done, it seems clear that there are options for everyone, and the present status quo is not a requirement.

Finally, there are many shades of green. What we do will be criticized by some as being more than enough or even frivoluous and by others as not being nearly enough or even being the wrong approach. From the outset, I don't claim to be perfect and have come to accept certain contradictions that seem inevitable in being human. All I can do is point to the direction I am going and argue why I am going that way and politely ask others to join or tell me why a different direction is better. I look forward to a good conversation, and to start it off, let me reiterate: "We are going green."


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